Beyond the Weekend

August 18 | Discipline

August 18, 2014

Text: Hebrews 12.7-11 

We generally don’t like, welcome, or desire discipline. In reality, however, without undergoing discipline, we will never truly flourish and appreciate our life as a gift from God. Discipline is good and necessary. Proverbs 12.1 says: “Whoever loves discipline, loves knowledge.” Notice this isn’t just aimed at children, but anyone who claims to love knowledge.

A genuine love for knowledge, however, can only be satisfied through a disciplined lifestyle. If we want to grow and gain knowledge, we must learn to discipline ourselves and welcome God’s correction.

Yes, God sometimes disciplines us. If we’ve placed our faith and trust in Jesus, we’re his child. As his child, he’ll lovingly discipline us when needed (Hebrews 12.11). This doesn’t mean he senselessly causes us to suffer insurmountable obstacles. No, our good and gracious heavenly father uses discipline to form us into Christ-like people.

Discipline involves pain, but it’s pain with a purpose: God’s tool to form us and shape us. By welcoming his discipline into our lives, we grow in knowledge of him and begin to look more like Christ.

Today, in addition to reading Proverbs 18, memorize Hebrews 12.11 and welcome God’s efforts to transform you into a more Christ-like child of God.

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