Beyond the Weekend

August 21 | Listening

August 21, 2014

Text: Proverbs 19.20 

When parents say, “Look at me when I’m talking to you,” children get the point immediately: they know what comes next is very important and something they need to hear!  It’s true for us as well. If we don’t position ourselves to hear what we’re being told, we won’t receive life-giving wisdom (Proverbs 19.20).

To be Christ-followers requires we listen. If we don’t, we’re not just rejecting wisdom, but we may be rejecting Christ all together (Luke 6.46-49).

Today, gauge how well you listen. Pay attention to your posture and attitude when someone instructs you. Unfold your arms, make eye contact, quiet your heart, and listen. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you receive life-giving instruction today from wherever it may come.

Continue your reading through Proverbs by reading chapter 21.

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