Beyond the Weekend

August 25 | Honesty

August 25, 2014

Text: Proverbs 30.7-9

Jeff Manion, senior teaching pastor, focused our attention on the two requests of Agur in his Proverbs 30 prayer; the prayer of a man who deeply desired to remain spiritually focused. The first of the two is honesty: “Keep falsehood and lies far from me…” (Proverbs 30.8). Agur hungers for honesty in every aspect of his life and here begs God for his help.

Every relationship relies on trust to hold it together: your spouse, children, employee/employer, business relationships, and neighbors. When you discover someone has lied to you, trust has been eroded and significant damage has been done. Deceit destroys everything it touches.

Today, after you read Proverbs 25, look forward to your week ahead and those conversations where you’ll be tempted to lie: a “promise” to a customer, withholding information from your spouse, or deceiving your parents about an evening activity. Before you enter these situations, take a moment and pray Agur’s prayer, “Lord, keep falsehood and lies far from me,” and rely on God’s Spirit to give you the strength to live honestly.

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