Beyond the Weekend

September 19 | Giving Back

September 19, 2014

Text: 1 Samuel 1.19-28

When Hannah cries out to God for a child, she makes a sacrificial promise to give the child back to God. God gives her a son, Samuel, and when he is weaned she does just that—she releases him to God. In our culture it’s difficult to understand why she’d be willing to give up the child she so deeply and desperately wanted.

The answer is in her attitude toward God. When she gets up from her prayer of lament, Hannah is no longer troubled. She’s at peace, showing she totally and completely trusts God. She truly believes if he gives her a child, this child already belongs to him and will be safe and secure as his dedicated servant.

By dedicating Samuel to God, Hannah gives Israel one of its strongest and godliest leaders. By taking him to the temple at such a young age, he’s raised in an atmosphere that teaches him what he needs to know and believe to serve God and his people well.

If you’ve been given children, consider dedicating them (and you as a parent!) to God. If you haven’t done so already, plan to dedicate your children at a service in November. You can find out about child dedication and the dates at your campus here.

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