Beyond the Weekend

October 6 | Faithfulness

October 6, 2014

 Text: 1 Samuel 7.15-17

Much of our life, on a day-to-day basis, could properly be described as “mundane”: common and ordinary. But it’s in this “ordinariness” of life we learn faithfulness, a “slow and steady” type of faithfulness we demonstrate by showing up again and again. It’s the same type of faithfulness Samuel exhibited as he served as an itinerant judge in Israel.

Operating in a four-town circuit (1 Samuel 7.16-17), Samuel served as a judge and preacher, meting out justice as cases (perhaps the toughest ones) were presented to him. “Year to year” he made his circuit, faithfully hearing the testimony and examining the evidence. He was persistent, dedicated, and unwavering.

It’s this faithfulness to God, as he called people back to obedience to God, which qualified Samuel for spiritual leadership and resulted in God’s blessing for Israel. God used his faithfulness in the “small,” day-to-day things to prepare him for larger tasks.

But it’s in the “ordinariness” of life where we’re most likely to quit: a dead-end job presenting no challenge, caring for aging parents, never-ending school, ministry with minimal—or no—results. It’s exactly here where God calls us to faithfulness, to follow him as he prepares us for larger tasks ahead.

Today, listen to the song “I Will Follow” by Vertical Church Band as you commit to following God in the ordinariness of life.

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