Beyond the Weekend

October 22 | Daily Cleansing

October 22, 2014

Text: 1 John 1.8-9

Sadly, King Saul has become an example to us of a man who took action motivated by fear rather than faith in God’s Word. Full of self-deception, lies, and excuses, he blatantly disobeyed God and said, “I have carried out the Lord’s instructions” (1 Samuel 15.13).

But when God looked into his heart, he saw fear that led to disobedience. God tells Samuel he is looking for “a man after his own heart” (1 Samuel 13.14); a man who has a heart that beats with God’s heart.

In reality we’re no different than Saul. We have thoughts and fears that stray far from the heart of God. If we aren’t careful we, too, can become self-deceived and full of excuses. Keeping a short account with God opens us to experience the cleansing forgiveness offered to us by the blood of Jesus shed for our sins.

We can experience the inner growth that comes from the power of the Holy Spirit working within us (Ephesians 3.16-19).

Today, begin the habit of daily cleansing, called “confession.” Ask God to show you even the sins you may not be aware of (Psalm 139.23-24), and then trust him to cleanse you as you sincerely confess them (1 John 1.8-9). Doing this is an act of obedience that shows God how much you love him and releases his power into your life.


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