Beyond the Weekend

October 23 | Your Legacy

October 23, 2014

Text: Ephesians 4.1-5

Once David is anointed as king, Samuel takes more of a “back seat” in the remainder of 1 Samuel. But in 1 Samuel 28.3 some important information is slipped in, “Now Samuel was dead, and all Israel mourned for him and buried him in his own town of Ramah.” Samuel left behind an amazing legacy of service and faithfulness.

From the day he was dedicated to the temple by his mother, until the day he died, he modeled consistent and steadfast faith toward the call of God’s purpose in his life. He lived in such a way that the whole country mourned his passing and felt his absence.

As believers and followers of Christ we also have a calling and purpose. Read Ephesians 4.1-5 today and consider the calling and purpose God has given you. Consider how your absence would be received if you were removed from your family, job, and church. Take some time to write your own legacy, how you want to be remembered. Then consider how you need to live in order to fulfill what you’ve written.

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