Beyond the Weekend

October 28 | Hiding

October 28, 2014

Text: Genesis 3.1-19

As God’s voice echoes through the Garden of Eden, Adam first hides and then approaches God with excuses. He blames his fear and his newfound insecurity on his nakedness as he truly believes he wasn’t at fault. Eve follows in suit, blaming the serpent for tricking her with evil deception. However, Adam’s fear was not responsible for his hiding; neither was his nakedness, his wife, or the serpent. Adam did wrong and he chose to run and hide.

We, like Adam and Eve, may hear God’s voice, but we hide. Looking down at ourselves and realizing our “nakedness,” we feel shame. We experience fear and run toward anything that will cover our shame and veil the terror we feel within. While we blame our fears, our insecurities, and the other people around us, we alone are responsible for our hiding.

It’s our choice. We can either run and hide or allow ourselves to be found by God and receive his free gift of grace. Nevertheless, admitting our wrongs and feeling exposed before God isn’t easy. Truthfully, while it feels humiliating, it’s ultimately freeing to approach a God who extends grace. When we submit ourselves unto God, James 4.6 says, “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

Today, step out of hiding and submit yourself to God by humbly admitting your wrongs to him.

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