Beyond the Weekend

November 4 | Found

November 4, 2014

Text: Romans 2.28-29

Nicodemus was a “good” person: wealthy, highly educated, conversant in politics, and a religious authority. In his day, if you wanted to know what a “child of God” looked like, everyone would’ve pointed to Nicodemus. He strictly adhered to the letter of the Jewish Law, faithfully performed the religious rituals, and obeyed God’s commands. But all of this was external. God’s interested in the internal.

This is the contrast the Apostle Paul draws in Romans 2: external circumcision vs. internal circumcision. It was unthinkable for an obedient Jew to ignore the ritual of circumcision: every Jewish male was circumcised, marking them as “accepted by God.”

Paul turned this teaching upside-down when he said real circumcision “is circumcision of the heart,” a change that comes by the Spirit of God working in a believer’s heart (Romans 2.29). Paul was clearly saying, “Good people are lost and need to be found.”

We’re all either “lost” or “found” spiritually (or maybe we’re just “not sure”). The One Big Question this week is. . . Are you lost, found, or not sure?

If you’re “lost,” or maybe just “not sure,” go here to begin a conversation with an Ada Bible leader. We’ll meet you over a cup of coffee to hear your story and see how we can introduce (or re-introduce) you to Jesus. In the meantime, pay particular attention to the next three days of Beyond the Weekend. We’ll have something just for you!

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