Beyond the Weekend

November 14 | Seeking

November 14, 2014

Text: Psalm 63

David, king of Israel, describes the deep longings of his heart. His prayer and confession serve as a powerful model to guide us in our relationship with God. David’s seeking is from the heart (63.1) and he describes how his “soul” thirsts for God. Confessing to God our need for him to satisfy is at the very beginning of intimacy with God. Our posture of dependency and humility is crucial.David cherishes God’s love for him above life itself (63.3). God’s love was the very foundation for his security, self-image, peace, and purpose. David’s seeking culminated in worship (63.4-5). As David rehearsed in his heart God’s love for him, he couldn’t remain silent. He responded back to God with thanksgiving and rejoicing.

Today, spend a few minutes praying David’s prayer to God. Allow David’s words in Psalm 63 to become your words. When you’re finished, choose a phrase or portion of this prayer that spoke to you the most, write it on a note card or piece of paper, and pray over it throughout your day.

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