Beyond the Weekend

November 18 | Holiness

November 18, 2014

Text: Psalm 103
“Holiness is one of the most important ideas that a Christian can ever grapple with. It is basic to our whole understanding of God and of Christianity,” The Holiness of God, R.C. Sproul, (p.12).

To be a true disciple our perception of God needs to begin with a clear understanding of his holiness. “Holy” is from the Hebrew word “qodesh” and means “set apart.” God is separated from his fallen creation by his perfection. In all aspects he’s perfect, and all of his characteristics are in perfect balance.  He himself says, “I am God, and there is none like me” (Isaiah 46.9c). To experience God fully we need to recognize we are not worthy to even be in his presence.

People like to believe in their own God, made up to suit their own wants and desires. Jeff Manion, senior teaching pastor, calls this “the cartoon Jesus” (God). The only way we can destroy false images of God, is to know him through his written Word. The God of the Bible is the true God. It is there we see his holiness and how we compare.

Take some time today to get to know God better. Read Psalm 103 and write down everything you see about him that sets him apart. Then praise and thank him in prayer for each thing you see.

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