Beyond the Weekend

November 28 | Intense Joy

November 28, 2014

Text: Luke 15.3-7

Many things in this life cause great joy: the miracle of new birth, a marriage, the reunion of loved ones, and when lost things are found. However, joy is not only experienced here on earth. The song in Revelation 19 speaks of ultimate joy in heaven when justice and salvation are complete and of the abundant hallelujahs when the Church is presented as a pure bride before Christ.

Still, there is a joy which connects our earthly joy with heavenly joy. In Luke 15.7, Jesus describes the rejoicing in heaven when “one sinner” repents. Just as the shepherd after finding the lost sheep invites others to celebrate with him, so our Heavenly Father invites all of heaven to rejoice when one spiritually lost person is found.

While we’re happy when we find something we lost, imagine the intense joy God feels when we return to him. Today, reflect on the joy our Heavenly Father experiences when we are found, by watching the love soldiers experience when they return home: here.

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