Beyond the Weekend

December 30 | The Break

December 30, 2014

Text: Genesis 3

We live in a fallen, broken, world. It was never supposed to be this way and we need to go to the first creation and the Garden of Eden to understand what happened.

Initially Adam and Eve were friends with God. He met often with them and gave them care over creation. They had great freedom with only one condition—to not eat fruit from a certain tree. When they found out the tree’s fruit would make them like God, they both disobeyed (sinned) and ate, rendering them enemies of God and damaging creation for their descendants.

Through them sin entered the world: ushering in pain, disease, natural disaster, evil, and death. Sinful man was now separated from Holy God.

Creation was never meant to be the way it now is. Our world still has moments of beauty and goodness, but is tarnished, broken, and dangerous like a vandalized building. While God restrains evil from completely taking over, we and our world desperately need his help.

While we are broken and separated from God because of sin, he didn’t destroy us or leave us in this condition to perish. He’s always had a plan to rescue us, a plan centered on Christ.



Today, read Romans 5.18-19 and memorize verse 19 to remind yourself how Jesus’ obedience is the plan God uses to get us back.

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