Beyond the Weekend

January 5 | Discipleship

January 5, 2015

Text: Luke 6.39-40

Jeff Manion, senior teaching pastor, introduced us to the three primary environments where we become better followers of Jesus: The Row, The Circle, and The Chair. “Discipleship” is becoming like the Christ, living life as he lived it and as he wants us to live it. It’s in these three environments that we begin to practice this kind of life.

For example, you could read a hundred books on playing the guitar. But until you actually pick up the instrument and begin practicing, you’ll never fully acquire that skill. While information is important, practice is required to become an actual guitar player. As Christians, information about God is vitally important. But if knowledge doesn’t transform your life to be like the Christ, then it’s failed to fulfill its desired end. Information is not a substitution for transformation, it’s simply the starting point.

Take a moment today to reflect on 2014 by making two lists: Information and Transformation. In the first, record the things you’ve learned over the past year as it pertains to God. In the second, record the ways you’ve been transformed (or changed) in the past year as a follower of Jesus. As you begin 2015, use this list as a reminder that the goal isn’t information, it’s transformation.

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