Beyond the Weekend

January 6 | The Row

January 6, 2015

Text: Luke 4.31-32

One of the primary goals of each weekend service at Ada Bible Church is to build bridges—to connect cultures that otherwise would remain separate. Because the Bible was written over 2,000 years ago, much of what’s written needs to be understood in its cultural context and then applied to the 21st Century. In this way we encounter, and are challenged by, the timeless teachings of Scripture.

It’s for this very reason we’re committed to The Row, when the Scriptures are opened and explained and when we collectively open our hearts to their teaching. We then have the great privilege of helping and encouraging one another as we embody that new information into transformation.

However, it’s become increasingly easier to allow busyness to crowd out those regular times of meetings: youth soccer leagues, weekends at the cottage, and extended vacations have become more of a priority than being in church.

The Row(2)

Today, as you welcome God into your day, make a commitment (or re-commitment) to The Row. Commit you and your family to this important “sacred” or “set apart” time of listening to God’s teaching in the Bible with the people of God.

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