Beyond the Weekend

January 8 | The Chair

January 8, 2015

Text: Luke 5.16

One of Jesus’ life habits was solitude, spending time alone with his Father. Luke 5.16 is just one example when Jesus isolated himself in order to be alone with God, praying and listening. This discipline of isolating ourselves to hear from God is a vital part of the Christian life. Here at Ada Bible Church we call this discipleship environment The Chair.

In The Chair we shut out the noises of life to think deeply about God, pray, and hear from him. It’s simple but, in today’s busy world, it can be difficult. One way to do this is to set aside a portion of your early morning. There you can welcome God into your day and hear from him first before you’re bombarded with all the voices in our crazy, hectic lives.

Beyond the Weekend is intended to aid you in this endeavor and to help you develop a more in-depth quiet time. In addition, some practices others have found beneficial are: journaling, an annual Bible reading program, or praying through a prayer book such as The Valley of Vision, edited by Arthur Bennett.


No matter what you do, incorporate one new element into your quiet time this year as you consider how you’d like to grow in your time alone with God.

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