Beyond the Weekend

January 13 | The Goal

January 13, 2015

Text: Matthew 28.16-20

In the Great Commission, Jesus casts a vision for discipleship: raising up more followers, baptizing them into faith, and teaching them to do what he said. All three revolve around life change and doing what Jesus did while he was on earth. While people attend church for various reasons Jeff Manion, senior teaching pastor, reminded us the goal of The Row is “transforming into the likeness of Christ.”

The goal isn’t to attend as many services as possible, understand more completely the nuances of our Christian faith, or become more spiritual and less stressed. Our goal is total renovation. We must allow the power of God, through his revealed Word and the work of his Holy Spirit, to reshape our hearts, minds, and imaginations to become more like Jesus.

With our goal of transformation, we must approach The Row with a corresponding attitude: a heart of surrender to God’s authority, his Word, his correction, and his instruction; all of which God uses to realign our lives with that of Christ’s.

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During his weekend teaching, Jeff mentioned a few key questions to help us evaluate how effective The Row is in our lives. As you spend time in The Chair today, honestly ask yourself: Is my speech under control? Who am I looking out for? Am I just like everyone else?



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