Beyond the Weekend

January 16 | Rock

January 16, 2015

Text: Luke 6.46-49

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor is in vain (Psalm 127.1).

Jesus says not everyone who wants to follow him will become a true disciple. He compares discipleship to two men in the process of building houses. Noticing the comparison of the two men, we can identify the key element Jesus is looking for is rock. The construction of his house built on rock is solid and unshakable—able to weather the storms.

The rock Jesus is referring to is a mixture of hearing God’s Word and putting it into practice (Matthew 7.24). We can begin building our house on rock when we hear God’s Word in The Row. But we must also be willing to do what the Lord asks of us. The power of God transforms us as we obey. Only then will the Lord build the house, as we build the house, and give us the ability to withstand the storms of life.

By returning to The Row for the purpose of life transformation, remembering God’s truth and avoiding self-deception, we begin the labor to build our spiritual house on a firm foundation. However, real transformation happens when we leave The Row and do what God tells us.

As you welcome God into your day, write out Matthew 7.24 and list two ways you can labor with God today as you build on a firm foundation.

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