Beyond the Weekend

January 19 | Relational Discipleship

January 19, 2015

Text: Luke 6.12-13

Jesus’ strategy to teach the world what it means to be “like the Christ” began with his selection of 12 men (Luke 6.12-13). For the next three years these men would see him, hear him, be taught by him, and be encouraged and rebuked by him, all in a deliberate effort to prepare them to carry out his command to “make disciples of all nations…and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded” (Matthew 28.19-20).

Within this highly relational environment, Jesus was preparing his disciples to do exactly what he did.

It was “community with a purpose,” the purpose being to be like the Christ. It’s the reason we’re so passionate about small groups at Ada Bible Church. While we can make friends and enjoy common experiences in a variety of ways—sports teams, civic groups, book clubs, and hobbies—only a small group has the goal to help each other become more like the Christ. In an Ada Bible Church small group, you partner with 8-10 others who desire to grow in their walk with Jesus.

This leads to this week’s One Big Question . . . When did another Christian help you grow in your faith? Discuss this question in your small group or with a trusted friend, possibly the one who helped you grow spiritually!

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