Beyond the Weekend

January 21 | Better

January 21, 2015

Text: Philippians 1.3-11

The Circle of an Ada Bible Church small group provides a great opportunity for two things to happen: for you to be like Jesus to those in your group and for them to be like Jesus to you. Often this happens when we, and those in our group, experience crises and challenges. While these experiences provide opportunities for group members to demonstrate friendship and help physically, which is certainly needed, the goal needs to be “discipleship” (like the Christ) rather than just friendship.

We help people through difficult times and we help them become like Jesus in the process.

It’s in a small group where we can ask better questions and pray better prayers. Rather than just “How are you doing?” we can ask, “How are you seeing God work?” Instead of just praying for someone who’s suffering, we need to pray for how God wants us to help (and then do it!).

Today, use Paul’s prayer in Philippians 1.3-11 as a model for how to view, and use, life’s circumstances to make us, and those in our group, more like Jesus.

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