Beyond the Weekend

February 10 | Reflection

February 10, 2015

Text: Psalm 139.23-24

This past weekend Senior Teaching Pastor Jeff Manion discussed four practices in The Chair he’s found personally beneficial – the first practice is reflection. Because we often go throughout our busy days without realizing the impact of our emotions, an intentional time of reflection provides us space to consider what we’re feeling and why. Often we don’t even know why we are experiencing these emotions, ranging from joy and peace one day to anxious or angry the next.

In Psalm 139.23 the writer invites God to inspect his heart. He knows something is amiss, but needs God to help him with the diagnosis. Like going to a doctor, describing the symptoms is the easy part. It’s the diagnosis and care plan that takes serious expertise. Often, by simply verbalizing our anxiety to God, he reveals those areas where we need to respond to him in faith.

One way to engage in this kind of reflection is by simply telling God what you’re feeling. Be brutally honest because, really, he already knows and he’s not afraid of it. When we voice our stresses and frustration to God, we open the conversation for God to speak freely into our hearts.


Today, as you engage in The Chair, take a few extra minutes to invite God to examine your heart. One great way to do this is to write out your prayer. Tell God exactly what you’re feeling and ask him to show you where you need to trust him.

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