Beyond the Weekend

February 17 | Goodness

February 17, 2015

Text: Genesis 1

The world wasn’t always like it is today. When God created the world, five times in Genesis 1 he described it as “good.” After creating man and woman in his image, he called all he created “very good” (Genesis 1.31).

We can only imagine what Adam and Eve must have seen as they viewed an unspoiled creation before the entrance of sin into the world: animals living in harmony, an abundance of fruit and vegetables ready for harvest, radiant colors, and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Experiencing God’s goodness everywhere they turned must have taken their breath away!


As we quickly learn, it didn’t stay this way for long. But even though what we experience today is marred because of sin, it still is good. We see, in creation, God bringing his goodness to us even in the middle of our disappointments and challenges.

Today, watch again this video and remind yourself of God’s goodness as seen in winter’s creation. As you do, ask yourself this week’s One Big Question . . . How has the Bible spoken beauty into your difficult situations?

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