Beyond the Weekend

February 19 | Resolution

February 19, 2015

Text: 1 Timothy 2.1-5

It appeared to be a completely irreconcilable problem: a perfect, holy, and righteous God desiring to live in relationship with the sin-cursed humans he’d created. Because of their rebellion and God’s hatred of sin, there appeared to be no way for the two to enjoy the fellowship that existed in the beginning. A mediator was needed.

This mediator needed to perfectly represent both sides: God and man. If God was to be righteous, and still save people from their sin, he had to send someone to pay the penalty sin required. As the God-man (both fully God and fully human) Jesus did just that (1 Timothy 2.5). Jesus willingly stepped into the pain and abandonment to, once and for all, resolve a seemingly irreconcilable problem.

Today, as a reminder of what Jesus accomplished on the cross and the resolution he provides, memorize 1 Timothy 2.5. To make the verse more personal, insert your name in place of “mankind.” Use this verse in thanksgiving for God’s great salvation.

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