Beyond the Weekend

February 26 | New Habits

February 26, 2015

Text: Colossians 3.9-14

The new identity Christ gives us requires giving up old habits that defy God and then developing new habits in accord with Christ. This is especially true in the way we relate to others.

In Colossians 3.9-14 Paul uses the phrases “taken off” and “put on” regarding behavior. Just like taking off and putting aside the stinky clothes you wore to clean the barn, you’re to put aside behaviors that disobey God.  And just like putting on clean and lovely garments, you’re to groom your new self by behaving in the ways described in verses 10 and 12-14.

Your new identity requires loving others the way God does. One example is choosing forgiveness. When Jesus said to forgive a person seventy times seven, he meant to keep forgiving every time resentment returns (Mathew 18.21-22).


Today as you spend time with God, ask him to help you love the way he does, by forgiving—and continuing to forgive—someone he brings to mind.

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