Beyond the Weekend

March 17 | Ownership

March 17, 2015

Text: Luke 20.20-26

The first debate begins when the Pharisees ask Jesus if the Jews should pay taxes to Caesar. This seems like the perfect scheme. If Jesus answers, “Yes,” he’d appear to support Rome and lose credibility with his followers. If he answers, “No,” he’d set himself up to be charged with treason. Either way, Jesus’ influence would diminish.

However, Jesus wasn’t caught off guard. He beautifully turns the conversation toward the image of God and leaves everyone stunned. It’s no accident God imprints his stamp on us: God’s image woven into the fabric of our beings not only reveals our origin but our purpose. In one gentle sentence, Jesus reminds us we are created by God and for God; and when we realize we’re designed to belong to God, instinctively we realize he is our ultimate authority.

Just when the Pharisees thought they’d put Jesus in his place, Jesus graciously takes back his rightful authority and silences his foes.

As you welcome God into your day, let Jesus take his rightful place in your life. If you’re willing to submit to his authority, everything is his. Take a moment in silence to identify one aspect of your life you’re withholding from God and ask him to show you what true surrender looks like.

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