Beyond the Weekend

March 26 | Fearless

March 26, 2015

Text: Luke 21.9-19

Fear can stop us dead in our tracks. When terrible times hit, we imagine the worst, our emotions follow, and we can become like a “deer in the headlights.” But in Luke 21, Jesus commands his disciples not to be terrified in times like this, but to keep going and remain strong in their faith. No matter what happens, they will live on past the grave. The promise of everlasting life is a huge comfort.

Because the Bible tells us not to fear over 200 times (as God is in control), what we know and believe about God—and what he promises—determines how we handle fear.  Focusing on his character and promises keeps us strong in the middle of life’s storms. What we know about God matters!


As you begin your day, listen to the song “Always” by Kristian Stanfill as you focus on God’s character.


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