Beyond the Weekend

March 30 | Good News

March 30, 2015

Text: Luke 22.1-38 | Good News

Over the last five weeks we’ve joined the thousands of worshippers in Jerusalem for the five days leading up to Passover and the “Five Days” before Jesus’ crucifixion.

We’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the teeming crowds in the temple courtyards as Jesus completes his ministry, confronts the religious leaders, and takes the final steps to the cross.

We’ve watched as tension increases, confrontations are escalated, and a betrayal begins.

We’ve heard the cheers of the crowd, the accusing questions of the religious leaders, and the crashing of over-turned tables.

As we’ve watched the Christ, we’ve sensed both chaos and calm.

At times the chaos has been overwhelming: the tumultuous entry into Jerusalem, the bitter debates, and the cleansing of the temple. Cheers of joy, words of accusation, and righteous anger permeate the five days.

But in the midst of it all we see Jesus: controlled, compassionate, and composed. While those jammed into Jerusalem wait to see what’s next, Jesus uses all of it—all of the chaos and confusion—to bring about the “Good News” of salvation in his name.

Very few, if anyone, who witnessed those five days understood their significance. Certainly the disciples didn’t and they’d been with Jesus for three years. But that’s exactly what happens: even with some awful parts, this is—ultimately—a good story about “Good News.”

Today, as you welcome God into this very special week, slowly read Luke 22.1-38 and specifically note the chaos. Thank God for using this chaos to bring about the salvation of all who believe.

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