Beyond the Weekend

April 2 | Zoom Out

April 2, 2015

Text: Luke 22.19-20 

When we “sit with Jesus” we have the opportunity to learn from him. He can teach us things we otherwise would not know. One of the things he wants to teach us is to “zoom out” and see the big picture.

When we face challenging situations and difficult times we have a tendency, as Senior Teaching Pastor Jeff Manion said, to “zoom in and focus only on our problems.” This intense focus is not only debilitating, it can also rob us of an opportunity to grow spiritually.

As Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples, he looked back at Moses and the deliverance from 2,000 years earlier and looked forward as the “substitute sufferer.” By “zooming out,” Jesus forced them to see he was not the new Moses who’d rescue them from the Romans, he was the Lamb who’d save them from their sin.


Today, as you welcome God into your Maundy Thursday—celebrating the Last Supper—bring to God in prayer the one area in which you need to “zoom out” to see the big picture. Commit this situation to him and trust his ability to use it to make you more “like the Christ.”

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