Beyond the Weekend

April 7 | Spiritual Fog

April 7, 2015

Text: Luke 24.25-35

“How foolish are you and how slow to believe. . .” – Luke 24.25

Two men hung their heads and walked away from Jerusalem in defeat. This Jesus, whom they believed would rescue them from Rome, had apparently failed. But in the midst of their confusion and heavy hearts, the resurrected Jesus enters the story only to call them “foolish” and “slow to believe.” Thankfully, he doesn’t stop there. He fills them with hope and joy as he explains the Scriptures to them (Luke 24.32).

At times, we also find ourselves in a “spiritual fog” when we’re left confused and discouraged, perhaps by unfulfilled expectations or we lack the motivation to choose anything different.

Although spiritual fog may feel like a circumstance we’ve wandered into, we are source of the fog. We, too, are “foolish” and “slow to believe.” Yet, if we allow Jesus to show up, he’ll pierce through the fog, welcome us to break bread with him, and reignite our hearts using Scripture.

Today, as you welcome Jesus into your day, rewrite Psalm 119.33-40 as a prayer for God to clear your fog and reignite your heart.


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