Beyond the Weekend

April 9 | Open Eyes and Minds

April 9, 2015

Text: Luke 24.36-49

“Why are you troubled and why do doubts rise in your minds?” – Luke 24.38

Again, Jesus appears in resurrected form—this time to his closest disciples. But still doubts arise. As Jesus gently confirms he’s not a ghost, he invites them to touch and see. Then, he asks to eat with them. As Jesus shares a meal with his followers, he returns to Scripture to open their minds.

Jesus desires to open our eyes and minds too. He longs to “eat with us” and help us understand the Scriptures.

Today, spend a few minutes worshipping God for those moments you’ve experienced relief from your doubts and when your eyes were opened to the truth of Jesus. In your Circle (or with your family or a trusted friend), answer this week’s One Big Question… When was a time God opened your eyes to his grace?

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