Beyond the Weekend

April 10 | Eye Witnesses

April 10, 2015

Text: John 20.24-29

“Everything must be fulfilled that is written about [Jesus]… You are witnesses of these things.” – Luke 24.44-48

Jesus life, death, and resurrection became historical fact with eyewitness proof. Jesus’ disciples saw his nail-pierced hands and the wounds in his side. Although they may have seemed like madmen at the time, they collectively and boldly stood behind their claims. Even after momentary denial and doubt, they went on to prove their devotion to Jesus by enduring threats, beatings, boiling, burnings, and painful executions.

Yet, many of us are still like Thomas: we give little credit to the testimonies of others and won’t believe until we’ve “seen and touched” for ourselves. We’re all-to-often swayed by our individualized and experientially-based culture.

Today, as a reminder of God’s blessing for choosing to believe in the accounts of Jesus passed down through history, write out John 20.29. Take it with you and return to it throughout the day to remind you of the blessings you’ve received because you’ve believed even though you’ve not “seen.”

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