Beyond the Weekend

April 16 | Devotion

April 16, 2015

Text: Leviticus 19.9-10

Leviticus 19.9-10 shares a unique command about leaving some grain behind for those in need as one way of showing generosity. Businesswise, this seems counterintuitive. But the motivation is not profit margin, it’s “I am the Lord your God” (Leviticus 19.10).

The account of Boaz and Ruth is set against the backdrop of the “Time of the Judges,” a period of moral and religious degeneracy and foreign oppression. In that world of selfishness and corruption, Boaz stands out as an anomaly: he invites a foreigner to glean from his crops, drink from his well, and work under the protection of his authority. This is incredible kindness! His motivation: God commanded it.

While we might be tempted to view our acts of service from a utilitarian perspective, we enter into the pain and difficulty of others for only one reason: God desires it. Generosity is at the heart of God’s character and he desires for us to reflect him in our relationships with each other.

As you welcome God into your day, spend some time considering why you serve and give. Allow God to test your motives. Service is not about us, but about God, as you reflect his character to a world that desperately needs him.

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