Beyond the Weekend

May 4 | The Tabitha Factor

May 4, 2015

Text: Acts 9.36-43

Without realizing it, we tend to believe “magnetism” comes from large events and grand accomplishments. We celebrate with friends over momentous occasions, praise ministries with high success rates, and glorify work when it reaches the furthest. Yet, what makes Tabitha’s story remarkable is her seemingly mundane life leading up to this moment in Acts 9.

Tabitha doesn’t appear heroic. She doesn’t do anything spectacular. Not one thing she does is noted as a huge accomplishment. Instead, her simple, repetitive life of servitude makes her magnetic. Jeff Manion calls this holy redundancy. As evidenced by how her community grieves her death, Tabitha is a heroine of faith.

Becoming a magnetic community happens when magnetic individuals choose to give their lives in simple service to God and look out for one another. Tabitha does just that—and each of us can too. However, this takes commitment and consistency.

Today, make a commitment to be a Tabitha within your church. Identify an area of your life (or act of service) where you can practice holy redundancy.

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