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May 6 | It’s a Lifestyle

May 6, 2015

Text: Romans 12.9-13

We live in a very individualistic culture: we think we can take care of ourselves and we expect others to get their act together and do the same. Furthermore, we don’t naturally like to ask for help, receive help, or offer help. However, brotherly love calls us to “be devoted to one another… and to share with the Lord’s people who are in need” (Romans 12.10-13). This type of devotion is more than making polite small talk and offering service once in a while. It’s a lifestyle.
If everyone’s looking out only for himself or herself, no needs will be met. Likewise, Jeff Manion says, “If everybody’s looking out for everybody, no one is really bring looked after. But if everybody is looking out for somebody, everybody can be cared for.”

Tabitha lived the lifestyle described in today’s reading and, as a result, she becomes an example for us because she devoted her life to serving others. Now, instead of walking into a community wondering who will take care of you, or trying to care for everybody, hone in your focus. By becoming part of a community filled with Tabithas, everybody will be looking out for somebody.

As you welcome God into your day, pray for your small group and specifically the somebody you’ve decided to commit lifestyle devotion toward.

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