Beyond the Weekend

May 14 | The Big Picture

May 14, 2015

Text: Romans 12.3-8

There’s a big picture of what happens when the entire church works in tandem with transformational teaching and humble serving—God works in ways we can’t fathom.

In Romans 12.3-8 Paul describes the church as a body whose head is Christ. All body members are given different gifts and abilities to accomplish two things: grow and build his Kingdom, and care for the body. The whole body of Christ, working in tandem, is what will change the world. Every part needs the other parts, fueled by the Holy Spirit, and directed by Jesus.

As you meet with God today spend time praying for his Church. Ask Christ to direct Ada Bible Church’s leaders with his plan and for church members to work in harmony as they serve. If you aren’t serving yet at Ada, you can find out about opportunities here. An immediate need would be to serve our children this summer in Discovery Village.

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