Beyond the Weekend

May 21 | The Waiting Game

May 21, 2015

Text: Mark 4.26-29
Jesus describes God’s Kingdom as like a person planting a cash crop. The farmer plants his seed and then waits. Before he harvests a crop, takes it to market, and turns a profit, he must first wait for the plant to grow and bear fruit. God’s work in our lives is much the same.

One of the great tensions in Christianity is we love instant results. We want people to change instantly and we want God to respond instantly when we pray. But it doesn’t work like that. God has a perfect timing for how he works in our lives and the lives of others. A significant experience for all faithful Jesus followers is the waiting game.

If today you find yourself in a season of waiting on God, let the response of your heart be trust and gratitude. When we can’t see the end results, the best way for us to wait on God is to communicate our trust and thankfulness to him in prayer. As you welcome God into your day, take a moment to pray for those areas where you are waiting on God and thank him that he’s in control as you trust in him.

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