Beyond the Weekend

May 26 | Creation

May 26, 2015

Text: Psalm 19.1-6
Here in West Michigan, many of us await the perfect summer day: blades of grass are vibrant green, the skies carefree blue, and sunlight floods in almost sixteen hours a day. On these days—when all seems right in the world and the beautiful weather awakens our joy—it’s as if something in the atmosphere changes, attitudes lighten, and a sense of wonder returns.

It’s no surprise, then, that some of the happiest places on earth are where people connect with nature. It’s no accident that recognizing greatness and beauty restores joy and hope in our hearts. Inward response to the grandeur and complexities of creation is an act of worship and one way we demonstrate love for God. Though sometimes this response comes naturally, like on the perfect summer day, it can be done every day.

As we take note of God’s creation, we learn about him and his character: his attention to detail, his brilliantly planned designs, his love for order and patterns, and his creativity in his combinations of color, shapes, and structures. Whether the sun is shining brightly or raindrops are falling today, stop and take notice of the greatness and beauty around you. Choose one or two observations and praise God for how you see him more clearly through what he created.

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