Beyond the Weekend

June 2 | Opportunity

June 2, 2015

Text: Acts 11.19-21
We will, at various points in our life, find ourselves in places we never expected nor wanted: a divorce, a life-changing medical condition, or a severe financial reversal. Whatever it is, we know one thing—we don’t want to be here. It was the same for these early followers of Jesus. Because of severe persecution they lost everything as they fled for their lives. Uprooted from their home, friends, and occupations, they were now in a place they neither expected nor wanted.

But it’s in these inconveniences, these opportunities, where God often moves in new and amazing ways. While we might never have expected to be here, it doesn’t catch God by surprise: he knows exactly what we need. While we may be fearful to take the next step, God is ready to use these unwanted situations as opportunities for growth. But if we get mired in complaint, we can miss these opportunities.

Today, identify a time (now or recently) when you experienced real disappointment or were in a place you never expected to be. Reflect on how God is moving and thank him for his work in this difficult place.

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