Beyond the Weekend

June 9 | Discerning God’s Will

June 9, 2015

Text: Romans 12.2
Discerning God’s will can be very difficult, especially during turbulent, transitional times. But Romans 12.2 teaches us that as we walk close to God and become more like Jesus, we grow to understand and live out God’s will for us. Knowing God’s will comes primarily from knowing God—living and walking in close relationship with him.

As you’re attempting to discern God’s movement in your life, here’s a tested rubric to guide you:

  • Prayer. Make sure you’re actively walking with God in prayer and ask him to guide your steps.
  • Scripture. God won’t guide you against his Word. Test your decision against the Bible.
  • Holy Spirit Prompting. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will give you a burden or conviction over your specific direction, especially when you’re engaged in regular prayer.
  • Community. Talk to your small group or a close friend. Strong Christian friends are an invaluable aid in determining God’s direction.

Even when engaged in these steps, discerning the best decision can be difficult. Often God gives us great liberty to just choose, especially when we’re walking close with him. So take your plans before him, weigh them against Scripture, listen to the Spirit, and engage with your small group. In the end, make the best decision you can.


As you welcome God into your day, humbly ask if he has a new direction for your life. If you have a major life decision to make, be sure to press in close to God. The best way to know his will is to know him.

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