Beyond the Weekend

June 11 | Obedience

June 11, 2015

Text: Acts 13.13
After taking head-on the Jewish sorcerer Bar-Jesus, Barnabas and Saul receive a brutal blow—John Mark, their compatriot missionary, abandons ship and high-tails it back to Jerusalem. We find out later, in Acts 15.36-41, this desertion became the source of intense disagreement between Paul and Barnabas.

The truth is, people have an incredible potential to disappoint us. When people we admire decide to check out of God’s plan, we live in the wake of their decision and can be tempted to check out as well.

These situations can easily cause us to doubt God’s goodness or his ability to guide our steps. When this happens, we should follow advice found in 1 Peter 4.19, “So then, those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good.” In other words, Go to God and do what’s right. Praying and entrusting your pain to God is a powerful act of faith and obedience.


As you begin your day, take a couple minutes to commit 1 Peter 4.19 to memory so you can lean on this truth in a season when you need to lean on God.

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