Beyond the Weekend

June 22 | A Bad Day

June 22, 2015

Text: Acts 14.8-20

It ended up being a really bad day in Lystra. In town to preach the good news about Jesus, Paul and Barnabas heal a man lame from birth. In response, the awestruck crowd declare Paul and Barnabas to be Zeus and Hermes (powerful gods in their belief system) and bring offerings to sacrifice and worship the men.

Appalled at their reaction, Paul and Barnabas rush out to declare themselves to be only men of faith preaching the good news of the one, true living God—the God who gives constant evidence of himself by providing food through the cycles of rain and sun.

While the crowd is temporarily restrained, angry Jews who followed Paul and Barnabas from Iconium incite them to eventually stone Paul and leave him for dead. Even though they said “yes” to God’s movement, it became a very bad day.

As you interact with God this morning, consider this week’s One Big Question: When have you said “yes” to God’s movement in your life and then found yourself in a bad situation?

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