Beyond the Weekend

June 25 | Discipleship

June 25, 2015

Text: Acts 14.21-28
After Paul is beaten and left for dead, he does the last thing we’d expect: he returns to the cities where people harmed him. Because he wants to encourage new believers to grow and continue in the faith, he reminds them growth comes through tribulations and difficulties. This is called discipleship. The letters Paul wrote (now part of the New Testament) are another way he discipled believers.

A “discipler” is a person who’s committed to helping other believers grow by gladly sharing what he knows. A “disciple,” meanwhile, is a person committed to learning and growing and who welcomes teaching. We’re all called to discipleship, both as the giver and the receiver.

At Ada Bible Church, the way we encourage discipleship is through small groups. The importance of getting into a small group can’t be stressed enough. If you’re not in one, plan now to join in September when new groups are formed at Group Launch. If you’re in a group, continue to encourage each other toward growth this summer through emails, phone calls, and cards. Long term impact requires long term contact.

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