Beyond the Weekend

July 7 | Kindness Reconnects

July 7, 2015

Text: Acts 14.8-18

Paul and Barnabas have a rather awkward interaction with the citizens of Lystra. After healing a man who was lame from birth, bystanders mistake Paul and Barnabas for Zeus and Hermes (Greek gods) and prepare to sacrifice to them. The two missionaries rip their clothes in distress and stop the festivities. Paul then corrects their theology by teaching there is one, living God, the God of Heaven. And even though they don’t believe in him, Paul tells them God has shown them incredible kindness.

This principle is core: God’s kindness comes first. This was true for the citizens of Lystra—God showered his kindness on them with rain, crops, food, and joy. And this is true for us—God has showered his kindness on us in the salvation we’ve received in Jesus, not to mention his other gifts (nature, family, joy, music). The same is true in every instance—God’s kindness comes first.

God’s initiative towards us has the powerful ability to reconnect us back to him. God may be drawing you today to reconnect with him in a more powerful way. Sometime this week carve out 30 minutes to reconnect with him. Try turning off your nightly TV show or go for a walk. Often when we sense we need to reconnect with God, it helps to quiet other voices in our busy lives. Reflect on his kindness to you and begin turning your heart towards him again.

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