Beyond the Weekend

July 9 | Kindness Redefines

July 9, 2015

Text: Acts 14.18-20
Because Paul and Barnabas prevent the people of Lystra from confusing them for Greek gods, the crisis is averted. Almost. Shortly thereafter, opponents from neighboring cities incite the crowds to have Paul stoned. Amazingly, Paul survives and then does the unthinkable—he goes back into the city!  Why in the world would Paul do something so dangerous?

Paul’s motivation: he had experienced a dramatic transformation. In Acts 7, Paul (aka Saul) is recorded as presiding over the stoning of Stephen, an early Christian preacher. But later, in Acts 9, Jesus confronts Paul and completely transforms him—from Saul the murderer to Paul the missionary. God’s kindness to Paul redefined his life. So Paul goes back into the city believing God will transform murderous hearts once more.


Today, consider this week’s One Big Question: How has God’s kindness redefined you? Discuss this with your small group or a close friend. God’s kindness never leaves us the same. Use this time to celebrate the transformation God has brought about in you.

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