Beyond the Weekend

August 3 | Joy

August 3, 2015

Text: Romans 15.13

When we trust Jesus for our salvation, we’re indwelt by the Holy Spirit who gives us the “super power” to live out the fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5.22-23. Joy, along with love, is at the beginning of that list.

Being filled with God’s joy is often misunderstood as being rooted in feelings of happiness. We believe joy is needing God’s help to be strong so we can “whistle a happy tune” in the midst of life’s hurts and tragedies.

It is, instead, a faith-response of recognizing the hope we have in Christ. It begins with a loving God who at the moment of our salvation, makes us part of his eternal kingdom. We express the joy of being part of his kingdom by celebrating him in our lives in the here and now.

God’s joy is a state of being that’s rooted in faith, not happy feelings, and is nourished through Christian community. It can be celebrated in the midst of hard times as God fills us “with all joy and peace” (Romans 15.13). While we sometimes do experience feelings of happiness, it’s not always the case.

Today, as you welcome God into your week, think through your schedule and some difficult situations you may face. Pray that God will help you celebrate him and experience his joy as you approach those situations and begin to walk through them.

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