Beyond the Weekend

August 5 | Carried

August 5, 2015

Text: 1 Corinthians 12.25-27

Joy is experienced and grown in our lives in a variety of ways through our community of believers. The paralyzed man on the mat in Luke 5.18-20 couldn’t get to Jesus on his own. It took the tenacity of his friends to carry, climb, and lower him down from the roof right to the feet of Jesus. Imagine the paralytic’s joy when Jesus saw their faith and declared, “Friend, your sins are forgiven,” and he was healed.

We all have times when we’re hurting, broken, and need the faith of a friend to help carry us to Jesus. But we have a tendency to hide our need and not accept help! God loves and grows us through this community of believers, this local church, who pray for and with us, guide us to biblical truth, and sacrifice time to listen and be a friend.

When it’s God’s family expressing his care, the Holy Spirit lifts our spirit, grows our faith, and gives us joy. But, to experience that joy we have to accept their help as they do what God has “appointed” them to do (1 Corinthians 12.27).

Today, as you spend time with God, prayerfully admit to him if you’re on the mat and need to be carried by your community of believers. Then, begin to ask for help: reach out to a trustworthy friend or your small group leader. If you’re in a crisis situation, please contact our Care Ministry at 622.3175, or

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