Beyond the Weekend

August 12 | Invitation

August 12, 2015

Text: Matthew 11.28-30

All of us, at one point or another, have found ourselves going down a difficult path involving lots of tough decisions. Sometimes our difficulty is the result of others’ decisions toward us, but other times it is the result of our own decision making. We are often our own worst enemy.

Jesus is full of compassion for those of us who find ourselves down a difficult path, especially one we’re contributing to. He invites us to take up his yoke and travel with him. Learning to walk with Jesus takes us down a path of rest, comfort, and peace. We learn to mirror his steps, handle life’s stressors his way, and become humble and gentle like him.

Today, take a moment to consider and respond to Jesus’ invitation to come and find rest for your soul. If you find yourself in need of his leading today, take a few minutes right now to ask God to come alongside you and give you his peace and strength. Tell him exactly what you’re struggling with. He loves to carry our burdens, so give it all to Jesus and watch him lead you into paths of peace and rest.

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