Beyond the Weekend

August 20 | Forgiven

August 20, 2015

Text: Colossians 3.12-14
As we bump into difficult people day in and day out, it can be tough to exhibit consistent patience. Paul is aware of this as he writes, encouraging the believers to “bear with” each other. Remember, this is the Jesus community we’re talking about. We tend to show grace to our kids or an annoying family member, but when it comes to church, we can be pretty quick to write someone off.

At the heart of “bearing with” someone is forgiveness. And the model for how we forgive is Jesus. The Apostle Paul would submit that since we have experienced the forgiveness of Christ for our sins, we should forgive one another with the same level of love and grace.  It’s out of this kind of forgiveness we can then hold fast to, not turning against, each other.

As you enter your day, you may be thinking of that one person who drives you crazy. First, think upon the grace you’ve experienced in Jesus. Then, endeavor to forgive that person with the same mercy and grace you’ve received. Prepare your heart and mind to engage that person, asking God to give you grace and forgiveness. And remember, the grace saving you is the same grace rescuing them.

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