Beyond the Weekend

August 31 | Holy Spirit

August 31, 2015

Text: Galatians 5.16-26

This past weekend Pastor Jeff Manion concluded the series SuperPowers, on the fruit of the Spirit. Looking back on the past ten weeks, we’ve learned God is transforming us into his image through the work of the Spirit. The list of the fruit of the Spirit, found in Galatians 5.22-23, is really a description of the character of God. The Spirit prompts, moves, and strengthens us to take on the very character of God!

We also learned that the “acts of the sinful nature” are opposed to the fruit of the Spirit. We don’t simply turn off the bad; instead, we push out the bad by obediently living out the good. So, at the heart of becoming “like the Christ” is learning to hear and trust the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We cannot bear the fruit of the Spirit on our own power, this is God’s doing.

Hearing and trusting the movement of the Spirit takes intentionality. In our busy days it’s easy to crank up the “white noise” of soccer games, deadlines, and family responsibilities. It’s imperative we carve out time to simply hear from God as we read his Word and sit silent before him.

Reflecting on the last ten weeks, identify one or two fruits of the Spirit you sense God prompting you to develop in your life. Assess how you’ve responded to his leading and ask him to help you continue growing in this area.

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