Beyond the Weekend

September 8 | Hot Pursuit

September 8, 2015

Text: Matthew 4.19

Today the word Christian is often replaced with “Jesus follower.” When Jesus said, “Follow me,” he meant something much deeper than just getting in line behind him. One meaning of “follow” is “to come (or go) after something or someone.” We aren’t being pulled along, but are making a concentrated effort to stay in hot pursuit.

Some Jesus followers see their identity as living in a pre-determined box of rules, traditions, and theology that can be pursued with little effort. These things orbit around Jesus, but are not actually following him. Living in this box gives a man-made identity that leads to little or no life change.

“Coming after Jesus” is putting him at the center of our existence and hotly pursing after him with everything we have. He becomes our guide, mentor, purpose-giver, mapper, counselor, closest confidant, and friend. We now see the world through his eyes, power, and design. His way is exciting, challenging, and worthy of hot pursuit.

Today, as you come before God, thank him for calling you away from meaningless religious routine. Read Ephesians 4.1-6 and note what life “outside the box” looks like. Then journal what you think God is saying to you through these verses.

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